Learning how to properly use a dildo is really important if you want to get the most from it. I know it can sometimes be daunting when looking at a dildo you have never used before and not knowing really what to do with it so I thought it was time to share my tips and techniques on how to properly use a dildo that will help you unlock secret pleasures and toe-curling orgasms.

Choose the Correct Size
Dildos, like penises, come in all sizes and shapes, meaning this is your one and only chance to find the perfect peen to straddle! However, if this is your first rodeo, it’s best to start small and work your way up (including girth and length).

Once you’re all nice and wet, you will probably crave a bigger dildo. Most women prefer a 6-inch dildo, slightly above the average penis size – around 5 to 6 inches. But you don’t have to go for this size – dildos come in all kinds of sizes.

Don’t forget about other details like girth – if you like it wider, go ahead and buy a wider one. And if you intend to use it anally, choose one that is narrow at the tip and widens toward the base so it can slide right in!

Consider the Material
Dildos are made of various materials such as silicone, jelly, rubber, elastomer, soft plastic, synthetic skin, vinyl, leather, suede, metal, glass, ceramic, and even wood. Body-safe silicone is the most commonly used material because it will not cause allergic reactions or irritation, is non-porous (it will not trap bacteria), and is environmentally friendly (it contains no harmful chemicals).

Materials you should avoid are rubber (it can cause allergic reactions and is porous), and synthetic skin, vinyl, and soft plastic (they contain phthalates). Quality materials can be costly, but they are worth investing in because they will last longer and keep your lady bits safe!

Know Your Limits
If you’re using a longer dildo, deep penetration might be painful or un-pleasurable. Sometimes using a longer dildo might tempt you to push it until fully inserted or against the cervix, and this might be painful. In case, you feel pain, stop and start slow. With the longer types, always adjust the length of the toy by holding it on the shaft instead of holding it at the base.

If the dildo has a moderate length, it will allow deeper penetration, and this can be pleasurable. Try out with various angles of penetration, and you will realize that some spots are extra pleasurable than others. Similarly, try with different sex positions to get different feels of the penetration.

Any time something enters your body during sex, lube can make it a lot easier and more enjoyable. You just want to make sure the lube you choose is compatible with your dildo and the condoms you use with it. The biggest rule of thumb to remember is that silicone-based lubes can’t be used with silicone toys (it ruins the material) and oil-based lubes can degrade condoms and render them ineffective.

Best position for dildo
1. Lying Down – Many people naturally masturbate facing the ceiling. It might not have the greatest view, but it often works swimmingly. Try pulling your knees to your chest to vary the angle and to provide more G Spot stimulation. You can also place a pillow beneath your hips or butt for easier access.

2. Facing Down – Alternatively, you can lie face down. If you have longer arms, you can reach over your back to thrust a dildo, or you can reach below you if that works better. Consider placing a pillow for support under your hips to raise your butt into the air for a better angle.

3. Sideways – Lying on your side with your legs pressed together can make your toy feel larger. It can also be easier than masturbating when face down. You can keep your legs straight or bend your knees to change it up. You can find more masturbation techniques here.

4. Sitting – We don’t just mean sitting with your feet flat on the floor. You can prop them on a wall, desk or table in front of you to offer unrestricted access with your dildo. This position also works well if you’re enjoying visuals on the screen in front of you.

5. Riding Your Dildo – Suction cup dildos offer a lot of options, too. You can stick them to your shower wall for hands-free stimulation or affix them to your coffee table and straddle them from above. This also leaves a hand or two free for clit stimulation. You’ll find some great clitoral stimulation techniques here.

How to Keep Your Dildo Clean?
Taking care of your dildo through proper cleaning and storage is essential for protecting your sexual health. Always follow the instructions that come with your sex toy. Most dildos, including glass, silicone and stainless steel dildos, can be cleaned using a cleaner such as soap and hot water. Store your dildo in a clean, dry place away from sunlight; you don’t want your dildo to attract dust or lint. Make sure you also wash off your dildo after removing it from storage before use. If you aren’t fluid bonded with the partner or partners using.