what is foreplay

Foreplay builds sexual arousal and pleasure through physical and mental stimulation. Touching, kissing, licking, dirty talking, teasing - as long as it's consensual, enjoyable and safe, there's no right or wrong answer.

If you take the word literally, foreplay is the sexual play that precedes sex. For some, sexy foreplay is an important part of physical intimacy.


Why is foreplay important?

Foreplay can help your body and mind get into an emotional state. It's a way to build sexual arousal and pleasure. Physiologically, it makes the penis and clitoris erect and the vagina and penis self-lubricate. These changes make sexual friction and penetration feel good, rather than uncomfortable or even painful. Emotionally, arousal can feel like connection and desire. Foreplay can increase intimacy between you and your partner and can help you discover and communicate your sexual interests. Sex is about pleasure, not just orgasms — orgasms may not happen every time you have sex, but it should always feel good.


Often, women have a hard time achieving orgasm during intercourse without a lot of foreplay. So let me tell you how to have the perfect foreplay that will make your lover shudder.


Step 1: Start with your hands

Fingers are erogenous zones that are easily overlooked, so for the first minute, we leave it to the fingers.

First gently hold the girl's soft little hand, gently kiss every inch of the back of the hand, every finger; then turn the palm over, from the fingertips to the palm, kiss every inch of skin with the lips, until finally staying on the wrist, feel her pulse.

Just imagine how excited you are when she puts your finger in her mouth and sucks, and you'll know how she feels.



Step2: Start with kissing

For the next three minutes, let's have a good kiss! Don't come up and stick out your tongue, take your time.

Let's enjoy the initial collision of the mouth first, click until the end;

Add a little sucking, let her feel a little strength, start from the lower lip, suck and kiss twice back and forth, left and right, or in the middle, this trick continues to tease, making girls shy and wanting.

Then move the mouth to the upper lip, do the same action again, and then expand the range, kissing the earlobe, neck and even the collarbone, be careful not to go down any further!

Here's a reminder, don't stick out your tongue in this step, everything is polite on the surface, at most it can only stay at the level of sucking and biting, amplifying her expectations.



Step3: Passionate deep kiss

In the next two minutes, we can increase the strength, but not too hard!

Gently insert the tip of your tongue into her mouth, touching her lips, teeth and tongue. Don't miss a place. Don't be too quick to stick out your tongue and make trouble. Leave a little mystery for yourself and a little more for girls. There is a lot of room for imagination.


Step4: Kiss everywhere

In Exploring Body Sensitive Spots, we said that not only the tits and the clitoris, but the ears, neck, collarbone, chest, belly, inner thighs, etc.may all be hiding sensitive spots that you haven't discovered yet. This is the best time to explore. In this step, we can find some small toys to help, such as rosetoy.

Here's a little tip: After you've kissed an area, blow on it gently. If she's shaking slightly, it means her body's sensitivity is highly aroused by you.


Step5: Narrow down the scope

After a few steps, we can set our sights on the long-awaited beautiful breasts. The movements should not be rough, and the strength and method should be adjusted according to her reaction.


Step6: concentrated attack

Towards the end, we can precisely focus on the area of focus: the entire genitals. As we all know, the clitoris is very important for girls, so you might as well give full play to your abilities at this step, use both hands and mouth, and give your lover a perfect experience.


Step7: Final Confirmation

After you have carefully completed the above actions, the following three key indicators can help you confirm whether you have been fully awakened and whether you have been approved to enter. These three key indicators are: firm nipples, heavy breathing, and an erect clitoris.

When a girl appears in the above state, it basically means that she is ready physically and mentally, and she can let you in, but don’t worry, remember to give her a deep affectionate kiss and gentle and ambiguous words of praise, and then slowly make you unbearable penis into the body.

The movement must be gentle, give her enough time to adapt, carefully observe the changes in her expression, voice and body, and then slowly speed up or slow down the movement, and finally reach the best state of happiness for both parties.