When you realize you like anal sex or at least you're curious about it—you really should get some butt plugs. These versatile sex toys can be used alone or combined with masturbation, oral sex or other toys. They can be used as foreplay for anal sex, but even without that goal, using them can be a very pleasurable experience.

What is an anal plug?

Anal plugs are one of the most popular anal sex toys. The simple but rather ingenious design of the toy can help people enjoy hands-free anal stimulation for a long time. It can enhance orgasm in both men and women, and is also a great way to prepare for anal sex.

Butt plugs can also be used in a variety of different ways, either on their own or with a partner. Some may enjoy using only a plug, while others may enjoy combining the stimulation of a plug with simultaneous genital masturbation or vaginal intercourse. It really depends on your preferences.

Fingers are a great way to relieve this feeling, then when you're ready, start inserting the plug little by little. Just be sure to take your time. This is not a process you want to rush through. If it's tricky at first, you can put it in, take it out, re-grease it, and try again. You might even have to do this a few times before you can get it in there.

Know the difference between pain and pleasure. If it hurts, stop. You may need to slow down, try a smaller size, use more lube, change the angle, or wait another day.

your best ass buddy

Here's the thing, of all the sex toys out there, butt plugs are adorable and have the potential to reflect your personality. Some of these have neat jewels, tails, tassels, at the end to help enhance your sex toy game.

Whatever your aesthetic style, there's a anal plug for you. 


 Add some fun and easy luxury to your backdoor play! Proudly show off your bejeweled backdoor and thrill your partner at the same time with a blue gem plug that slips in easily and stays in place. Available in 3 sizes –– pick the one that's right for you or your partner.

4PCS Anal Plug Set

Ready for the wildest anal adventure of your life? This Kit makes it easy to start small and train your way up to taking on some serious size! You get 3 velvety-smooth silicone plugs for awesome anal training.


3 PCS Set Soft Silicone Anal Plug

A super durable and hygienic silicone naughty butt plug that delivers just the right amount of stimulation.including yellow,blue and pink . It lives up to its name by fitting snuggly in your bum, and it's also weighted for pleasurable pressure.


 Care and Cleaning

Even if your anus is clean, it can still harbor bacteria that can cause a vaginal infection. After touching the anus, make sure to wash your hands before touching your other genitals. Wash with warm water and soap to prevent UTIs and yeast infections.

It is very important to clean any unused and used instruments before and after anal insertion. Fortunately, this is not difficult. Washing with a bar of mild soap and warm water should do the trick. Then let it air dry or wipe dry with a clean, lint-free cloth.

The whole process only takes a few minutes, but it's important to do this before and after each use so the toy continues to remain safe and usable. Of course, you can also clean your kinky plugs with a special cleaner made just for these products; any reputable sex toy store has them, but it's not a requirement.

These cleaning substances can be expensive and unnecessary. Antiseptic soap and water are equally effective. Cleanliness is important, as the lube may stick to the plug and collect dust with each use. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you remove any previously used lubricant.
Most silicone toys are dishwasher safe as long as they don't have a motor. This kills bacteria. Boiling glass, silicone, and stainless steel toys will also sterilize. Make sure to do this before sharing the toy with a buddy. Even if you only use toys on yourself, sanitize them regularly to keep them clean and healthy.