Masturbation is an incredible way to participate in self-care—there are stress-relieving elements, a release of feel-good hormones in the brain , and the simple fact that it can feel really good.

Most of us are not taught from a young age about the thrills of masturbation. Although it’s likely we’re quite interested in that area well before puberty and may have even discovered how good it can feel on our own. Whether you’re an experienced giver of self-pleasure or want to try it out for the first time, I have some seriously steamy masturbation tips for your next playdate with yourself. While I, personally, and many women I know are well-acquainted with just how fantastic a good solo session can be, I also have a handful of lady friends who say they’ve never learned to pleasure themselves.


We’re highlighting six very hot, very effective solo sex positions that will give you plenty of pleasure when done right. Read on for tips and inspiration, and then go ahead and clear your morning, afternoon, and/or evening for some well-deserved self-loving.

Follow our handy guide and you can experience all those sex positions all on your own!


1.The Solo Snake

How you do it: Lie on your stomach and grind your pelvic bone and clitoris against a hand or a vibrating toy beneath you.

The weight of your body adds extra friction against the hood of your clitoris, and the back-and-forth grinding strokes the shaft of your clitoris as it becomes erect,



For those who feel confident in their leg strength, squatting masturbation is a great way to open up your vaginal canal for deep penetration or activate your muscles for a big orgasm. If you enjoy bouncing up and down, consider adding a suction-cup dildo to ride in this position.



Begin on your knees on the bed, or another soft and comfy surface, with your upper body upright. Gently open your knees to a position that feels comfortable for you. Supporting yourself with one arm, you can lean back or lean forward to hold onto a headboard or the wall.

 Because you can modify this in so many ways — changing angles, using multiple toys for penetration and/or external stimulation — you can discover new spots and new things that get your motor going. Leaning forward and back can provide new sensations, and it allows you to open up the rest of your body for exploration and play with your fingers, toys, even nipple clamps. Experiment and have fun


4.On Your Stomach

For this position you’ll want to roll onto your stomach and pump your hips up, sliding your favourite toy in between your legs.

This position is great for those who love pleasure against their clit. By laying this way, you’ll find it easier to press up and move against your clitoris, creating a rhythm and speed that works to your desire.
You can also adjust this position to push your butt up more, to lay fully flat, or to have a pillow under various parts of your body to feel comfortable and stimulated.

5.Opening Up

How you do it: Sit on a chair that doesn’t have arms, like a dining room or folding chair. Tuck your feet and ankles around the chair legs, leaving your legs open.

It provides much more access to all of the delicious bits between your legs, and when you climax, you can brace your legs against the chair legs. By exposing more parts of your vulva, you will experience some new — and sometimes even more intense — sensations than you usually do


6.The Butterfly

This position can also provide various experiences depending on how you do it each time. Start off by laying on your side and push your knees close together. Then place your favourite toy in between your legs and do what feels right.
You can try opening and closing your legs while using the toy to add an extra sensation to the lips of your vagina. And remember, like all positions, you’re in control. Do what feels right at the speed and motion that feels good!