If there is any type of female vibrator that can be purchased without hesitation, the Rose toy must have a name.

There are a lot of suction toys out there, and there are a lot of suction vibrators out there that give a really good experience. But the Rose toy was the first to combine experience with fashion.


Why are people obsessed with roses

On the one hand, tiktok has taken the web viral with rosetoy, but if I were to explain, I'd start much earlier, in 2014, with the supposedly revolutionary introduction of the first suction vibrator by the German brand womanizer.

Why is the suction vibrator considered a genius invention? This brings us to the unique anatomy of the female body, as the clitoris is an important source of orgasmatic pleasure and has more than 8,000 nerves alone, twice as many as a man's penis. For many people, its stimulation is often the surest route to orgasm. Is that why sucking toys offer women an unprecedented experience.

For most women, penetration alone may not be enough to ring the orgasm bell.

With studies showing that more than 75 percent of women fail to achieve orgasm through penetration alone. Statistics show that about 10 percent of women have never had an orgasm, either with a partner or just by masturbating, and only 10 percent have an easy orgasm. Most women belong to the remaining 80 percent. In fact, most women are unable to have vaginal orgasms, especially without extra help from sex toys, hands, or tongues.

In short, women who stimulate the clitoris are more likely to experience stimulation and sexual pleasure. So if you are one of the 80 percent of clitoral orgasmic people who have trouble reaching orgasm during vaginal sex, then you are normal and should not put pressure on yourself by thinking there is something wrong with you.

Actually,it may mean that it's time to pick the right sucking vibrator for you to better explore, learn about your body and entertain yourself.

How to choose

There's no shortage of sex toys out there that will make you feel like you're out of body. The range and scope of the vibrator is enough to make a girl dizzy. The first question you should ask yourself is: are you going to use it externally (on the clitoris), internally (through the vagina), or both? If you're not sure, you can start with a vibrator designed for external stimuli.


Then you can choose the classic rose shape lovely shape to make it beautiful. You can experience the ultimate pleasure of oral sex whenever you want. Our Rose toy features 7 powerful pulsing suction and vibration modes that can pulse and sting your sensitive areas such as breasts, ears, clitoris, and anus. Bring you the purest joy.


If you need to get in, check out Rose 2.0

Rose with prolonged G-spot (or anal) stimulation! 10 suck modes and 10 thrust/vibration modes! This rose has a slightly greater suction for the clitoris to provide a more intense experience. This rose is an updated version of the first one, with a suction and thorns function.


If you want to try something new or already have a sucking vibrator, check out Rose 3.0 as well

The features of the traditional rose vibrator have been upgraded. It is a cost-effective choice to meet the functional requirements of licking tongue and piercing throat. Upgrade your game with a rose toy Licking tongue vibration with a 10 mode feature.


How do rose toys please you

The rose toy works by releasing air to pulsate the clitoris to attract blood flow, causing a sensation similar to that of a traditional vibrator. It doesn't just create vibrations, it sucks your clitoris and then moves in and out of your vagina, mimicking the sensation of oral sex.

These pneumatic shock absorbers are often referred to as "clitoral shock absorbers". This is a way of "mimicking" the sensation of clitoral stimulation, which may not be the real thing. But it does create a sensation similar to oral sex, but with a higher level of stimulation.  

And it's super easy to clean, thanks to its all-in-one waterproof silicone design. It's also small, discreet and portable, easy to carry when traveling.