Perhaps many women have the problem that their partner has lost the initial passion and interest in sex. With the stability of the relationship and the commitment of the partner, sex becomes more and more an act of satisfying desire, or just getting things done, without feeling the flow of love at all, and it is difficult to regain the full physical and emotional satisfaction that it was the first time.


For women, your brain is closely linked to your feelings of excitement and satisfaction. Even though the actual penetration process may not be satisfactory in some cases, from the front to the back, from the very beginning of verbal teasing, hugging, caressing, kissing... Every step of the way is serious.

Both physical and mental, each process can be greatly satisfied. All I can say is that making out is underrated, and it's an incredible way to enhance connection and arousal. So if you end up having an orgasm, it's going to be more pleasurable, in a way that penetration doesn't.

To help you and your partner have a better sexual experience, I recommend three intimate positions.

  1. Missionaries




This position adds caress to the missionary base.

Girls lie flat, legs slightly together, during the process can bend the knee, pay attention to do not put the traditional M shape, always maintain a relaxed lying position can be, boys from above slowly approach, enter.

There are only two things to remember: one is for both parties to keep their fingers together, and the other is for both parties to touch each other's hair or cheeks or other sensitive parts of the head. His position allows for face-to-face intimacy. Plus, there's plenty of room for creativity in this pose -- like stimulating different erogenous areas of the other person's upper body, like the head, neck and face. Also let them lick your nipples and let their hands run over your nipples.



  1. Ballet dancer


Face-to-face sex is a great way to get intimate and kiss

Stand on one foot, facing your partner, and wrap your other leg around their waist for support. The penetrating side stands between the legs of the other side, lifts one leg, and enters. The inserted partner can also bend their knees and place their feet on the wall behind them for more support and traction during insertion.


Step 3 spooning


The position is to have two people lie down facing the same direction. You gently lift your knee and your partner slides behind your pelvis and enters you from behind. Why: This position allows more skin contact and increases irritation. Also allow your partner to put their hand on your shoulder to increase the intensity and depth of penetration.

When lying down, one person rolls up so that their body is resting on the other person's back. The penetrating side enters from behind, while the other side is free to try to lift or move their outside legs to find the best Angle. Having sex from behind allows a partner to kiss a lover's neck, hold hands, or even stimulate the clitoris with their hands or toys.


One of the biggest challenges of intimacy is losing the novelty of the bedroom, as Shawntrace Parks has said. Experimenting with different moves can also do wonders for your relationship!