Adult toys so much, to say the highest satisfaction, absolutely is sucking toys, any one out is ruthless "orgasm harvester".


Unlike ordinary vibrators, sucking toys do not directly touch the skin, usually through the sound wave pulse, penetrate the surface, deeply stimulate the entire clitoral tissue, simulate the real sucking experience, air flow spread and rotate, feel more intense and profound, most importantly, it is extremely simple to use, just place the sucking mouth on the clitoris, you can wait for orgasm.


But when you get your hands on a sucking toy with high expectations and find yourself feeling nothing, not even feedback like reviews and other sisters, panic sets in. Am I the one who can't have an orgasm?


1.Maybe,you're just using it wrong

What's the matter? How to solve it? 

The first view is wrong

Most people use sucking toys in the wrong place, mistaking the urethra for the clitoris.

We talked about the clitoris a long time ago

The clitoris is the organ responsible for the female orgasm, it exists only for sexual pleasure, has more than 8,000 peripheral nerves, far more sensitive than the male penis, so it is important


Look! The position of the head in the picture is the clitoris! If you think it's too abstract, forget it. Then hold a mirror up to your body and look at it. Remember where it is, it's not a simple body organ.



2.Bad foreplay

Foreplay is always a must, whether practicing or doing it yourself. Good foreplay activates the physical and mental senses, setting the stage for pleasure.

And if you use toys recklessly, especially sucking toys with a high degree of stimulation, in addition to feeling unhappy, it may also hurt the delicate clitoris.



3.The foreskin is a little long

Some girls will say, "I did foreplay. I did it right. Why can't I feel it?" Am I the one who can't orgasm?!


Your foreskin may be very long.

During embryonic development, the clitoris has the same structure as the penis, and in most cases what we call the clitoris is actually the glans of the clitoris that is exposed to the outside of the body.

The penis has it, the clitoris has it, the penis gets excited, the clitoris gets it, so it's not surprising that the clitoris also has a foreskin.

If the foreskin is too long, foreplay is not in place, the clitoris is not fully awakened erection, but also covered by the clitoris foreskin, coupled with the toy frequency is gentle, natural feeling across a layer of yarn, can not get pleasure.

In addition to plenty of foreplay, place two fingers on either side of the clitoris and gently pull it up so that the clitoris is fully exposed. This is especially true when using a sucking



4,  Not running in well

Toys again good to use, for most people, also need a certain period of run-in.

First of all, we should understand the basic use method of toys, how to switch, how to frequency conversion, how to adjust different functions, so as to ensure that the use process is not interrupted;

Again, you must learn to choose your preferred intensity frequency from different vibrations


Finally, the shape and material of each toy are different, which will naturally have different feelings of use

Each toy's sucking mouth has a different size, material, vibration frequency, vibration sensation and intensity. Each toy is unique and can give you a different feeling of use.

The use of toys varies from person to person, is good is cool, or to try to know, do not be too superstitious evaluation, others have experience can only refer to.