Christmas should be a season of happiness and joy. But sometimes, it can also be one of the most stressful times of the year. With so much to do in such a short amount of time, shopping for a party, cooking for a family meal, and especially when it comes to buying unique and thoughtful holiday gifts for your loved ones and friends can always be stressful.

Everyone wants to give your loved ones the best gift you can afford. We always want to give our loved ones a special and perfect gift. But it's often challenging, and one person may want to surprise another and leave a lasting mark on their life. You might want to consider giving an intimacy gift. A good intimacy gift can be a surprise, spice up your relationship, and bring a different level of fun to your sex life.

Here is a list of intimate gifts for people like to try new things.


Lipstick vibrator

Look at this delicate lipstick. Who would have thought it was a bullet vibrator? It's perfect for those who want to hide themselves from others. It can be put in a makeup bag and carried anywhere at any time. Portable and small, even when traveling can not be embarrassed to take out. Bullet vibrators are easy to use and can be used alone or with a partner. They usually contain a button that turns the power on and off. With some bullet tremolo, you can control the speed of the vibration, so it's also great for beginners or couples just starting out with vibrators.


Butterfly Rose vibrator

Give your loved one a special rose at Christmas. This butterfly Rose toy G-spot sucking vibrator is considered a beautiful and delicate decoration even when placed on a bedside table. It can be used either to stimulate the G-spot or to suck on the clitoris. Clitoral suction increases blood flow to the clitoris and increases one's sensitivity, arousal, and likelihood of experiencing orgasm, making it ideal for couples to use during foreplay. It also functions as a G-spot vibrator,

Varinal Massage vibrator

Buy a massage stick as a gift for your loved one. Stick massage devices have a variety of functions, both as sex toys and as massage tools to relieve pain and stress in the body. With its ability to stimulate the clitoris, the wand massager can be a great companion during sex, as it will stimulate the female partner to achieve multiple orgasms.


The best part about bringing your intimate partner a perfect gift is giving them an experience they've never had before. It's also good to try new things together, so that you can keep it interesting and exciting before, and add a different color to your life.